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St. Peter Parish Ambassadors Project Launch 2019

Karina Browne and Cody Redman-Boyce, respectively the female and male 2019 St. Peter Parish Ambassadors were on Palm Sunday accompanied by their Attendant, members of the Parish Independence Committee (PIC) and their very own parents when they joined the congregation of the Mile-and-Quarter Bethany Baptist Church at their eleven o’clock service. 

The occasion was for the induction of the Ambassadors who received their instruments of office and whose new sashes were fitted on them by last year’s male Ambassador, Alexander O’Neale and by previous Attendant, Carmel Weir. Earlier on, the sashes had been blessed by Pastor Wendell Clarke. 

With these formalities completed, the new Ambassadors graciously thanked the Pastor for accommodating them at the service and next addressed the congregation about their 2019-2020 Parish Project entitled “Exploring Our Heritage; Enriching Communities”. Included as part of the rationale for their choice of topic was that they wish to offer residents the opportunity to develop greater awareness of their past, thus ensuring a better understanding and appreciation of how they have arrived at their present situation and can better plan for the future, including making their contribution to the Creative Economy. The Ambassadors also pointed out that, perhaps apart from St. Michael, there was in their opinion no other parish whose heritage – especially its built heritage - was as rich as that of St. Peter. 

Some of the activities and events being planned in the effort to achieve the goal of sensitizing and enlightening parishioners about their heritage were outlined. Included among these are the placement of signage detailing the history of places such as Battalleys and the forts of Speightstown and the re-introduction of the former Arbib Trail. 

The Ambassadors pointed out that they would be aiming to foster greater community spirit as they interact with residents during walk-throughs and other public events at which they were expecting the support of members of the congregation and of all residents of the parish.


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